Destrict o Prizren

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Qarku i Prizrenit
Prizrenski okrug/region
Destrict o Prizren
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Prizren Destrict athin Kosovo
Caipital Prizren
 – Total
 – % watter

 – Total
 – Densitie

Aurie code +381 (0)29
Postal code 2xxxx
Time zone CET, summer CEST

The Prizren Destrict (Albanie: Qarku i Prizrenit; Serbie: Призренски округ, Prizrenski okrug/region) is ane the seiven destricts o Kosovo, wi seat in Prizren.

Municipalities[eedit | eedit soorce]

It include the municipalities o:

Leids[eedit | eedit soorce]

Next tae staundart provincial Albanie, Serbie an Inglis, Turkis is offeecial in this destrict as well.

Postal Code[eedit | eedit soorce]

Postal Code of Kosovo – 20000 Prizren
Destrict Municipality Local Code
Prizren Prizren Prizren 20000
Prizren Prizren Prizren 1 20010
Prizren Prizren Prizren 2 20020
Prizren Prizren Prizren 3 20030
Prizren Prizren Prizren 4 20040
Prizren Prizren Prizren 5 20050
Prizren Prizren Prizren 6 20060
Prizren Prizren Prizren 7 20070
Prizren Prizren Prizren 8 20080
Prizren Prizren Zym 20510
Prizren Prizren Zhur 20520
Prizren Prizren Reçan 20530
Prizren Prizren Mamushë 20540
Prizren Prizren Korishë 20550
Prizren Orahovac Orahovac 20500
Prizren Orahovac Orahovac 1 20510
Prizren Orahovac Orahovac 2 20520
Prizren Orahovac Ratkoc 20530
Prizren Orahovac Xërxë 21000
Prizren Orahovac Hoça e Madhe 21050
Prizren Orahovac Krush e Madhe 21060
Prizren Dragaš Dragaš 22000
Prizren Dragaš Bresanë 22050
Prizren Dragaš Bellobradë 22060
Prizren Dragaš Brod 22070
Prizren Dragaš Krushevë 22080
Prizren Suva Reka Suva Reka 23000
Prizren Suva Reka Mushtishë 23050
Prizren Suva Reka Samadraxhë 23060
Prizren Mališevo Mališevo 24000
Prizren Mališevo Banjë e Madhe 24050
Prizren Mališevo Kijevë 24060
Source:The Post Code of Kosovo has been approved by the Univeresal Postal Union (UPU)
Ref: Post and Telecom of Kosovo|PTK Archived 2006-06-30 at the Wayback Machine

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