Destrict o Gnjilane

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This article is aboot the destrict in Kosovo. For the destrict o the Serbie govrenment, see Kosovo-Pomoravlje Destrict.
Destrict o Gnjilane
Qarku i Gjilanit
Gnjilanski okrug/region
RR GJI.png
Gnjilane Destrict athin Kosovo
Caipital Gnjilane
 – Tot
 – % watter

 – Tot
 – Densitit

Aurie code 00 381 (0)280
Postal code 60000
Time zone CET, simmer CEST

The Destrict o Gnjilane or Destrict o Gjilan (Albanie: Qarku i Gjilanit; is ane the seiven destricts o Kosovo, wi seat in the toun o Gnjilane.

The region corresponds the same aurie as locally kent as Anamorava which is seen as pairt o the region acause o the Morava river. The destrict is no tae be ramfeeselt wi the Municipalities o Gnjilane which is newer an smawer an aw. For mair, see an aw Municipalities o Kosovo.

Municipalities[eedit | eedit soorce]

It include the municipalities o:

Ethnic groups[eedit | eedit soorce]

In 1991, aw municipalities o the destrict haed an Albanie majority: Gnjilane (Gjilan) (76.54%), Kosovska Kamenica (Dardanë (73.05%), Vitina (Viti) (78.68%).

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