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Debaltseve railway station
Debaltseve railway station
Banner o Debaltseve
Coat o airms o Debaltseve
Coat o airms
Debaltseve is locatit in Ukraine
Coordinates: 48°20′N 38°24′E / 48.333°N 38.400°E / 48.333; 38.400Coordinates: 48°20′N 38°24′E / 48.333°N 38.400°E / 48.333; 38.400
Kintra  Ukraine
Oblast  Donetsk Oblast
Foondit 1878
Area 24.31 km2 (9.39 sq mi)
Elevation 308 m (1,010 ft)
Population 25,774

Debaltseve (Ukrainian: Дебальцеве, Roushie: Дебальцево) is a ceety in the Donetsk Oblast (province) o Ukraine. Its population is 25,987 (2013). The ceety wis established in 1878 when a Donetsk Railwey station wis opened. The toun's railwey station is a local landmark.

The ceety is on the eastren edge o Donetsk Oblast, an borders Luhansk Oblast.

The ceety's population grew frae aboot 9,500 in 1923 tae aboot 34,000 bi 1939. It droppit frae 35,511 in 1989 tae 30,246 in 2001, an droppit further tae 25,987 by 2013.[1]

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