Deanna Durbin

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Deanna Durbin
BornEdna Mae Durbin
4 December 1921(1921-12-04)
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canadae
Dee'd17 Apryle 2013(2013-04-17) (aged 91)
Paris, Fraunce
Years active1936–1948
Hauf-marrae(s)Vaughn Paul (1941–1943)
Felix Jackson (1945–1949)
Charles David (1950–1999)

Deanna Durbin (born Edna Mae Durbin, 4 Dizember 1921 – 17 Apryle 2013)[1][2][3]) wis a Canadian sangster an actress, who appeared in a nummer o muisical films in the 1930s an 1940s singin staundarts as well as operatic arias.

Durbin made her first film appearance in 1936 wi Judy Garland in Every Sunday, an subsequently signed a contract wi Universal Studios. Her success as the ideal teenage dochter in films such as Three Smart Girls (1936) wis creditit wi savin the studio frae bankruptcy.[4] In 1938 Durbin wis awairdit the Academy Juvenile Award.

Later, as she matured, Durbin grew dissatisfeed wi the girl-next-door roles assigned tae her, an attemptit tae portray a mair wummanly an sophisticatit style. The film noir Christmas Holiday (1944) an the whodunit Lady on a Train (1945) wur, housomeivver, no as well receivit as her muisical-comedies an romances haed been.

Durbin athdrew frae Hollywood an retired frae actin an singin in 1949. She marriet film producer-director Charles Henri David in 1950, an the couple muivit tae a fermhoose in the ootskirts o Paris.

Filmografie[eedit | eedit soorce]

Short subjects
Year Title Role Notes
1936 Every Sunday Edna Co-starrin Judy Garland
1939 For Auld Lang Syne: No. 4 Hersel
1941 Friend Indeed, AA Friend Indeed Hersel For the American Red Cross
1943 Show Business at War Hersel
1944 Road to Victory Hersel
Featur films
Year Title Role Notes
1936 Three Smart Girls Craig, Penelope "Penny"Penelope "Penny" Craig Academy Juvenile Award
1937 One Hundred Men and a Girl Cardwell, Patricia "Patsy"Patricia "Patsy" Cardwell
1938 Mad About Music Harkinson, GloriaGloria Harkinson
That Certain Age Fullerton, AliceAlice Fullerton
1939 Three Smart Girls Grow Up Craig, Penelope "Penny"Penelope "Penny" Craig
First Love Harding, Constance "Connie"Constance "Connie" Harding
1940 It's a Date Drake, PamelaPamela Drake A short subject, Gems of Song, wis excerpted frae this featur in 1949.
Spring Parade Tolnay, IlonkaIlonka Tolnay
1941 Nice Girl? Dana, Jane "Pinky"Jane "Pinky" Dana
It Started with Eve Terry, AnneAnne Terry
1943 Amazing Mrs. Holliday, TheThe Amazing Mrs. Holliday Holliday, Ruth KirkeRuth Kirke Holliday
Hers to Hold Craig, Penelope "Penny"Penelope "Penny" Craig
His Butler's Sister Carter, AnnAnn Carter
1944 Christmas Holiday Lamont, JackieJackie Lamont / Abigail Martin
Can't Help Singing Frost, CarolineCaroline Frost Durbin's anly film in Technicolor
1945 Lady on a Train Collins, NikkiNikki Collins / Margo Martin
1946 Because of Him Walker, KimKim Walker
1947 I'll Be Yours Ginglebusher, LouiseLouise Ginglebusher
Something in the Wind Collins, MaryMary Collins
1948 Up in Central Park Moore, RosieRosie Moore
For the Love of Mary Peppertree, MaryMary Peppertree

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