Dawn Butler

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Dawn Butler

Butler in 2020
Shaidae Secretar o State for Weemen an Equalities
In office
31 August 2017 – 6 Apryle 2020
LeaderJeremy Corbyn
Precedit biSarah Champion
Succeedit biMarsha de Cordova
Shaidae Meenister o State for Diversity
In office
6 October 2016 – 1 Februar 2017
LeaderJeremy Corbyn
Precedit biOffice established
Succeedit biNaz Shah[a]
Meenister o State for Youth Affairs
In office
30 October 2009 – 11 Mey 2010
Prime MeenisterGordon Brown
Precedit biOffice established
Succeedit biNick Hurd
Member o Pairlament
for Brent Central
Assumed office
7 Mey 2015
Precedit biSarah Teather
Majority20,870 (42.5%)
Member o Pairlament
for Brent Sooth
In office
5 Mey 2005 – 12 Apryle 2010
Precedit biPaul Boateng
Succeedit biConstituency abolished
Personal details
BornDawn Petula Butler[1]
(1969-11-03) 3 November 1969 (age 54)
Newham, Lunnon, Ingland[2]
Poleetical pairtyLabour
WabsteidOffeecial wabsteid
a. ^ Office vacant frae Februar 2017 tae Julie 2018. Frae Februar tae August 2017, duties war shared atween Sarah Champion, Shaidae Meenister for Weemen an Equalities, an Kate Osamor, Shaidae Internaitional Development Secretar.[3]

Dawn Petula Butler (born 3 November 1969) is a Breetish Labour Pairty politeecian servin as Member o Pairlament (MP) for Brent Central syne 2015. She wis ane o the twa members o the Corbyn front bench wha demitit office tae vote agin Brexit in Februar 2017.[4] She wis kent for haein usied British Sign Language in pairlament an aw,[5] an later becam Corbyn's shadow meenister for weemin an equalities.[6] She wis re-electit in 2019,[7] but wisnae gien a place on Keir Starmer's front bench but haed tae thole racial abuse an closed her office.[8] She haedd mair issues wi racism[9] and harrassment frae the polis.[10]

In 2022, she wis asked tae leave the Commons fir accusin the Prime Meenister for lyin, an later votit in the pairlementary vote o nae confidence in Boris Johnson.[11]

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