David Brewster

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Sir David Brewster
Born11 December 1781
Canongate, Jedburgh, Roxburghshire
Died10 Februar 1868(1868-02-10) (aged 86)
Allerly House, Gattonside, Roxburghshire
CitizenshipGreat Breetain
Alma materEdinburgh Varsity
Kent forInvention o the kaleidoscope[1]
Diffraction o licht
AwairdsCopley Medal (1815)
Rumford Medal (1818)
Keith Prize (1827–9, 1829–31)
Ryal Medal (1830)
Scientific career
FieldsPheesics, mathematics, astronomy
InfluencesIsaac Newton
InfluencedJames David Forbes
Foondin Director o the Scots Society o Airts (1821)
Principal o St Andrews Varsity (1837–59)
Principal o Edinburgh Varsity (1859–68)

Sir David Brewster KH PRSE FRS FSA(Scot) FSSA MICE (11 December 1781 – 10 Februar 1868) wis a Scots pheesicist, mathematician, astronomer, inventor, writer, historian o science an varsity principal.

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