Danny Way

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Danny Way
Danny Way in 2007
Personal information
Born (1974-04-15) 15 Aprile 1974 (age 49)
Portland, Oregon, U.S.
Hicht6 ft 1 in (1.85 m)
Wecht180 lb (82 kg)
Kintra Unitit States

Danny Way (born 15 Aprile 1974 in Portland, Oregon) is an American professional skeitchbuirder. In 2005 he ran as the first skeitchbuirder athoot motorized aid ower the Great Waw o Cheenae.

Life[eedit | eedit soorce]

At age 16, he wis awready sponsored bi H-Way Street, which he suin left. Although he briefly readoptit that sponsor, he left a year later tae wirk wi H-Street Co-foonder Mike Ternasky tae form a separate company cried Plan B. Way wis the 1991 Skater of the Year in Thrasher magazine. A series o videos wur producit till he wis in a surfin accident brake his neck.

In 1995 he came back tae the sport an wan the Tampa Pro Vert Competition, twa years later he brak the warld record for the heichest jump on a skatebuird. Atween 1999 an 2002 he haed tae unnergo several surgeries (five knee an twa shoulder operations), which ran aw but successful. He then constructit the first Megaramp in which he set anither record at a hicht o 5.6 m.

On 19 Juin 2003 he exhibitit at the seicont reconstruction o the ramp tae ither records, includin heichest Christ Air, heichest McTwist an heichest Fast Plant. The video fuitage appeared on the best-sellin DC Video. In the saxt Transworld Skateboarding Awards, he wan the title for best athletes in the Vert-style. In 2004 he wan the first Big Air Contest at X Games in Los Angeles, whaur he an aw brak records again (new distance record). In the same year he wis namit Skater of the Year for the seicont time this year bi Thrasher magazine.

On 9 June 2005, he became the first man tae jump athoot motorized assistance, uisin anerlie his skatebuird on the Great Waw o Cheenae. A year later he wan gowd again at the X-Games in the Big Air discipline by jumping over a pit 70 feet long (Gap), the maneuver was rounded off with a backflip.

In the 14t X-Games in 2008, Way injurt baith shins on the edge o the quairterpipe. Although he coud anerlie hobble wi the help o the ramp, he jumped a few minutes later, the plannit trick, feenishin in seicont place.

Way haes lang been sponsored bi DC Shoes, which wis co-foondit bi his brither. Therefore, amaist ivery year he gets his awn pro model, which is sauld warldwide.

He is featurt in EA Black Box gemmes Skate, Skate 2 an Skate 3.

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