DAF 46

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DAF 46

The DAF 46 is a sma family caur that wis manufactured bi the Dutch company DAF. It wis introduced in November 1974 to replace the 44, suggesting that there wur still substantial stocks o the earlier model awaiting customers.

In Februar 1976, at the relaunch o the Volvo 66 (formerly the DAF 66), it wis announced that the DAF 46 would be phased oot during 1976, efter which 'special measures' woud ensure adequate parts an service backup despite the disappearance o the DAF brand frae passenger caur show rooms.

The DAF 46 wis carpeted throughout an equipped with cloth covered reclining seats. It also haed a redesigned gear lever an additional dash mounted warning lichts. Oot o sight o the driver wis a de Dion rear axle, which DAF had fitted twa years earlier to their more powerful model when replacing the 55 with the DAF 66: the caur retained its defining variomatic transmission, but this wis now coupled with a conventional differential which wis said to improve noise levels and extend drive-belt life. Reports suggest that the DAF 46 haed safer handling than its predecessor, but wis nonetheless slower, at a time when maist European manufacturers wur improving top speed an acceleration when they introduced model upgrades.