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DAF 44

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DAF 44
DAF 44

The DAF 44 is a sma family caur that wis introduced in September 1966 bi the Dutch company DAF. Styled bi Michelotti, it represented a cautious muive upmarket for the company which hitherto haed produced, for the passenger caur mercat, anerlie the smawer slower Daffodil model (subsequently rebadged as the DAF 33 tae align wi the form o nomenclature introduced wi the 44).

The 2 cylinder engine wad hae been familiar tae ony driver o the less pouerful DAF 33, an the bore remained unchanged at 85.5 mm. Stroke wis increased tae 73.5 mm, houiver, giein an increase in engine displacement frae 746 cc tae 844 cc an an increase in claimed output frae 28 bhp tae 34 bhp. The compression ratio remained law eneuch tae permit the uise o relatively law octane fuel.

Stopping pouer commensurate wi the caur's rather leisurely performance came frae aw-roond drum brakes.

An innovative featur for the time wis face-level ventilation wi adjustable facia mounted outlets.

The spare wheel wis stored unner the front huid / bonnet which left mair space for luggage at the back an maks the pynt that the engine wis a relatively compact ane.

The DAF 44, in common wi ither DAF caurs, featurt an innovative continuously variable transmission seestem, the DAF Variomatic.