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The DAF 33 is a compact saloon caur produced bi the DAF company o Eindhoven, in the Netherlands between 1967 an 1974. Outwardly an technically it differed little frae its predecessor, the DAF Daffodil.

1966 haed seen the introduction o the Michelotti styled DAF 44 which appeared tae compete in virtually the same market segment as the Daffodil based design; but the 33, its development costs presumably long since amortised, remained in production with its new name. A more luxurious version became available in 1969. Thereafter the caur changed very little: however, the 6 volt electrical system wis replaced with a 12 volt ane in 1972.

The DAF 33, in common with ither DAF caurs, featured a continuously variable transmission system, the DAF Variomatic.