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Volvo 66

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The Volvo 66 wis a Swadish automobile. It sprang directly frae the DAF 66, which wis oreeginally styled bi Michelotti. The compact caur wis introduced in August 1975, amaist exactly a year efter Volvo Cars bought DAF,[1] an afore production o the Volvo 300 series began.

The Volvo 66 wis kent for its continuously variable transmission, the Variomatic. The Volvo version o the caur wis slichtly restyled an gien lairger bumpers compared wi those o the oreeginal DAF model. Awtho this wis in keepin wi Volvo's emphasis on safety, it an aa increast its cost o production.

The ither major features in which the Volvo 66 differed frae the DAF 66 ar:

  • New seats featurin headrests
  • A safety steerin wheel
  • Doors wi steel side impact bars
  • A declutching servo which enabled the driver tae chynge gear wi the choke engaged (In the aulder DAF models this wisna possible, acause the increased idle caused the centrifugal clutch tae engage).
  • A 'pairk' mode in the CVT, which locked the driveline.

Ingines[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • B110E Renault C-series OHV 1108  cc straight-4 47 PS (34.6 kW; 46.4 hp)
  • B130 Renault C-series OHV 1289  cc straight-4 57 PS (41.9 kW; 56.2 hp)

Sources an further readin[eedit | eedit soorce]

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