DAF 66

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1974 DAF 66 Estate

The DAF 66 is a sma motor vehicle that wis produced bi the Dutch company DAF in the 1970s. It wis an evolution o the DAF 55 it replaced an like its predecessor uised a 46 bhp (34 kW) Renault Cléon ingine. The front assembly wis redesigned for the 66, as wur the rear axle an variomatic. Whauras the 55 haed a coil sprung Swing axle, the 66 haed a leaf sprung De Dion tube axle, which greatly improved handlin. The variomatic nou featured shorter drive belts an a differential. The 66 wis available as a 2-door saloon, a 2-door coupé, an a 3-door estate frae its introduction in 1972. The 66 an aa haed a sportin "Marathon" version, which featured a 52 hp (39 kW) version o the 1.1 ingine. Frae 1973 the 1300 Marathon wis available as well, wi a 1.3 ingine an 57 hp (43 kW). Follaein the acquisition o DAF's caur operations bi Volvo Cars the model carried on as the Volvo 66.

An open version o the 66 wis an aa produced for the Dutch airmed forces, the DAF 66YA. This wis based on the 1108 cc model, but wi upratit suspension an a new body.

The DAF 66, in common wi ither DAF caurs, featured a continuously variable transmission seestem, the DAF Variomatic.

A white saloon version o the DAF 66 features in the opening credit sequence o series 2 o the Breetish made ITV detective series Van der Valk which wis filmed on location in Amsterdam. Van der Valk is seen as a passenger in this sequence an the caur is subsequently seen in a number o episodes.

A rare DAF 66 YA version.

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