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Cropston Crossroads 2005-10-25 005b.jpg
Cropston is locatit in Leicestershire
Cropston shawn within Leicestershire
Ceevil pairish
  • Thurcaston an Cropston
Shire coonty
Kintra Ingland
Sovereign state Unitit Kinrick
Post toun CROPSTON
Postcode destrict LE7
Diallin code 0116
Polis Leicestershire
Fire Leicestershire
Ambulance East Midlands
EU Pairlament East Midlands
List of places
52°41′N 1°11′W / 52.69°N 1.18°W / 52.69; -1.18Coordinates: 52°41′N 1°11′W / 52.69°N 1.18°W / 52.69; -1.18

Cropston is a veelage athin the ceevil parish o Thurcaston & Cropston,[1] pairt o the Charnwood Borough o Leicestershire, Ingland. It is on the edge o Charnwood Forest, an lees close tae Bradgate Park. The veelage itself is sma, wi the aulder properties close tae the crossroads o Reservoir an Station Roads. Near the crossroads thare are twa pubs, The Bradgate Arms an The Badger's Sett (umwhile The Reservoir Inn), a post office an a garage. Thare are a nummer o cottages datin back tae the 16t century. Cropston Reservoir lees atween the veelage an Bradgate Park. The Victorian pumpin station next tae the reservoir haes nou been replacit wi a mair modren facility, but the oreeginal ingineerin can still be seen at the Severn Trent Visitor Centre, which haes an eddication centre for childer an aw.[2] Cropston Cricket Club haud regular fixtures at thair Waterfield Road cricket field.[3]

The Rothley Brook flows atween Cropston an Thurcaston, an ither nearbi veelages include Rothley, Anstey, Swithland an Newtown Linford.

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