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Craig Ferguson

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Craig Ferguson
Ferguson at Comic-Con in July 2013
Born (1962-05-17) 17 Mey 1962 (age 62)
Springburn, Glesga, Scotland, Unitit Kinrick
MediumStaund-up, televeesion, film, muisic, beuks
NaitionalityBritish, American (naturalised 2008)
Years active1980–present
GenresObservational comedy, satire, poleetical satire, news satire, deadpan comedy, sketch comedy
Subject(s)Everyday life, politics, popular cultur, self-deprecation
SpooseAnne Hogarth (1983–86) (divorced)
Sascha Corwin (1998–2004) (divorced)
Megan Wallace-Cunningham (2008–present)
Notable warks an roles
WabsteidThe Craig Ferguson Show

Craig Ferguson (born 17 Mey 1962) is a Scots-born American telly host, staund-up comedian, writer, actor, director, author, producer an vyce airtist.

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