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Cotyledon in formation afore the accumulation o the reserve seen at Judas-tree (Cercis siliquastrum)

A cotyledon (/kɒtɨˈldən/; "seed leaf" frae Greek: κοτυληδών kotylēdōn, gen.: κοτυληδόνος kotylēdonos, frae κοτύλη kotýlē "cup, bowl") is a signeeficant pairt o the embryo within the seed o a plant. Upon germination, the cotyledon mey acome the embryonic first leaves o a seedling. The nummer o cotyledons present is ane characteristic uised bi botanists tae classify the flouerin plants (angiosperms). Species wi ane cotyledon are cried monocotyledonous ("monocots"). Plants wi twa embryonic leaves are termed dicotyledonous ("dicots") an placed in the class Magnoliopsida.