Comorian leid

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Native tae Comoros an Mayotte
Region Throughoot Comoros an Mayotte;
also in Madagascar an Réunion
Native speakers
(700,000 citit 1993–2000)
Leid codes
ISO 639-3 Variously:
zdj – Ngazidja dialect
wni – Ndzwani (Anjouani) dialect
swb – Maore Comorian
wlc – Mwali dialect

Comorian (Shikomor) is the maist widely uised leid on the Comoros (independent islands in the Indian Ocean, aff Mozambique an Madagascar) an Mayotte. It is a set of Swahili dialects but wi a muckle stranger Arabic influence than staundart Swahili. Each island haes a different dialect; that o Anjouan is cawed Shindzuani, that o Mohéli Shimwali, that o Mayotte Shimaore, an that o Grande Comore Shingazija. Nae offeecial alphabet existit in 1992, but Arabic an Latin scripts wur baith uised.

Shimasiwa is anither name for Comorian, meanin "leid o islands". It is the leid o Udzima wa ya Masiwa, the naitional anthem.

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