Cologne Cathedral

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Cologne Cathedral
Cologne Cathedral athort the Rhine
Record hicht
Tawest in the warld from 1880 tae 1884[I]
Preceded bi Rouen Cathedral
Surpassed bi Washington Monument, Ulm Minster
General information
Coordinates 50°56′29″N 6°57′29″E / 50.9413°N 6.958°E / 50.9413; 6.958Coordinates: 50°56′29″N 6°57′29″E / 50.9413°N 6.958°E / 50.9413; 6.958
Construction stairtit 1248
Completit 1880
Antenna spire 157.4 m (516 ft)
Teep Cultural
Criteria i, ii, iv
Designatit 1995 (20t session)
Reference no. 292
State Pairty Germany
Region Europe
Endangered 2004–2006

Cologne Cathedral (German: Kölner Dom) (Laitin: Ecclesia Cathedralis Sanctorum Petri et Mariae, offeecially Hohe Domkirche St. Petrus, Scots: Heich Cathedral o Saunts Peter an Mary) is a Roman Catholic cathedral in Cologne, Germany.