Washington Monument

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Washington Monument
Washington Monument Dusk Jan 2006.jpg
(January 2006)
LocationNaitional Maw, Washington, D.C., Unitit States
Coordinates38°53′22″N 77°2′7″W / 38.88944°N 77.03528°W / 38.88944; -77.03528Coordinates: 38°53′22″N 77°2′7″W / 38.88944°N 77.03528°W / 38.88944; -77.03528
Aurie106.01 acres (42.90 ha)
Veesitors671,031 (in 2008)
Govrenin bodyNaitional Pairk Service
Offeecial name: Washington Monument
DesignatitOctober 15, 1966
Reference no.66000035

The Washington Monument is an obelisk on the Naitional Maw in Washington, D.C., biggit tae commemorate George Washington, ance commander-in-chief o the Continental Airmy an the first American preses.