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A neep or tumshie is Brassica rapa var. rapa. en:turnip

A baggie is Brassica campestris. [1]

A swade is Brassica napobrassica or Brassica napus. en:Rutabaga

Jimmy 03:52, 13 Februar 2008 (UTC)[Replie]

As A unnerstaund it neep is the name uised for baith "swedes" an "turnips". At Burn's Nicht ye hae Haggis, Neeps an Tatties. It's aye "swede" ye hae tho. If aabodie grees wi this then A'd say we shoud hae Neep as an airticle about the family that baith thae plaunts are in, an hae it pointin tae the airticles aboot Swades an Tumshies (mentionin on baith airticles that ilk ane is aften referit tae as juist a neep. Woud this be a richt unnerstaundin o the seituation? Scroggie 15:51, 14 Februar 2008 (UTC)[Replie]

The neep wis there first an the swade cam later but ye're richt eneuch, gin it growes like an neep an leuks like a neep fowk'll cry it a neep. Mebbes juist pynt oot in the airticle swade that fowk cries them neeps an aw acause o the seemilarity but lea' the airticles sindert for tae shaw there is a differ. Jimmy 23:12, 14 Februar 2008 (UTC)[Replie]
this yin is the braw neep. the other yin is wil bitter an isnae devervin o the "neep" title. yees also must unnerstan that thon other article wes written by American fowk who winnae hae a notion aboot wut Scots spakin fowk wid call it!!