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A neep or tumshie is the ruit crap brassica rapa var. rapa that's aft growen in maumie climates athort the warld for its white, bulbous tapruit. Smaw, neshy kynds is growen for human consumption, while lairger kynds is growen as feed for stock. Neeps is weel-likit in Europe, parteecular in caulder airts, sith they growe weel in cauld climates an can be keepit for mony months efter the hairst.

Descreeption[eedit | eedit soorce]

The commonest kynd o neep sellt as a vegetable in Europe an North Americae is maistlins white-skint apairt frae the tap 1–6 centimetres that growes abuin the grund an is purpie, reid, or greenish whauriver sunlicht has fawen. This pairt abuin the grund growes frae stem tissue, but is jyned wi the ruit. The hale inner meat is white an the hale ruit is rochly baw-shaped aboot 5–20 centimetres ower, an wants side ruits. The tapruit (the raiglar ruit ablo the swallt hain ruit) is thin an 10 centimetres or mair lang; it is takken aff afore the neep is sellt. The leafs growes richt frae the shouder o the ruit, wi little or nae croun or hause (like that fund in swades). Neep leafs is chawed times, an leuks like mustart greens; kynds growen juist for the greens leuks like mustart greens mair nor them growen for the ruits, wi smaw or nae hain ruits. Kynds o B. rapa that haes been developit juist for uiss as leaf vegetables is cried Chinese cabbitch. Baith the leafs an ruit haes a spicy taste seemlar tae raw kail or reeforts that turns maumie efter ceukin.

Neeps wyes sae muckle as 1 kilogram or thereaboots, tho they can be hairstit whan smawer. Size is in pairt adae wi the kynd an in pairt adae wi the lenth o time that the neep haes growen. Maist richt wee neeps is specialty kynds. The ae time they can be gotten is whan juist hairstit an they dinna keep weel. Maist wee neeps can be eaten hale, leafs an aw. Wee neeps come in yellae-, orange-, an reid-fleshed kynds as weel as white-fleshed. Their taste is maumie, sae they can be eaten raw in salads like reeforts.

Neeps is the swallt stock o the plant an nae the swallt ruit, as mony fowk thinks.

Oreegin[eedit | eedit soorce]

Tho the neep wis a weel-estaiblished crap in Hellenistic an Roman times, an syne fowk jalouse that it was brocht intae cultivation afore that, Zohary an Hopf merkit that "there are almost no archeological records available" tae help wirk oot its earlier history an domestication. Wild forms o the neep an its kin, the mustarts an the reefort can be fund aw ower wast Asie an Europe, makkin fowk think that their domestication teuk place somewey in that airt. Housomiver Zohary an Hopf concludes, "Suggestions as to the origins of these plants are necessarily based on linguistic considerations."[1]

Evidents frae aboot 1500 BC shaws fermers o Indie growin kynds o wild neep for the ile frae its seeds. Neolithic evidents shaws it growein its lane in northren climes an frae B. campestris ruits. Thae fermers cultivatit the roond "ruits" we ken the day.

Soorces[eedit | eedit soorce]

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