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A boulder-strewn slope at Cholpon-Ata haes numerous ensaumples o petroglyphs, some showin fowk huntin ainimals which are nou extinct or scarce in the aurie.

Cholpon-Ata (Kyrgyz: Чолпон-ата, pronoonced [tʃolponɑtɑ́], literally "Venus-father", the name o a meethological protectin spirit) is a resort toun on the northren shore o Lake Issyk-Kul in Kyrgyzstan wi a year-roond population o aboot 12,000. It is the admeenistrative centre o the Issyk Kul Destrict o Issyk Kul Province; this destrict occupees maist o the lake's north shore. Tae the wast alang heich-gate A363 is Tamchy an tae the east, Bosteri.

The toun contains numerous lairge an sma sanatoria, hotels an guesthooses tae accommodate the mony visitors who descend upon the lake in simmer. Durin the Soviet era it wis muckle frequentit bi vacationers brocht here in organized mass tours frae ither pairts o the USSR. Holidaymakers nou uisually veesit on thair awn or in sma groups an oreeginate mainly frae Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan an Uzbekistan. Attractin maair demandin foreign tourists will require substantial upgradin o the existin facilities, but the location is certainly attractive. The view o the imposin alpine ranges o the Tian Shan athort the lake is impressive. Thare is a guid local museum an an open-air steid wi aboot 2000 petroglyphs datin frae 800 BC tae 1200AD[1].

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Coordinates: 42°39′N 77°05′E / 42.650°N 77.083°E / 42.650; 77.083