Chewin' the Fat

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Chewin' the Fat is a televeesion sketch shaw pit oot bi BBC Scotland, screived bi an featurin Ford Kiernan an Greg Hemphill.

It wis oreiginally pit oot on BBC Radio Scotland, an later muived tae the telly. The first tae series wis pit oot on BBC Scotland juist, but series three an fower wis pit oot ower the hail o the Unitit Kinrick. The last series finisht in 2002, but the'r a special programme annat on at Hogmanay on BBC Scotland.

Baith Scots an Inglis wis uised in the sindry sketches i the shaw. The shaw introduced the phrase "Gaunae no dae that" — fae a sketch whaur a lichthoose keeper wad plaintively bode at his freend tae stop playin hunt-ee-gowk wi him — tae popular spaek.

An affshoot o the shaw wis Still Game.

The teitle o the shaw is screived wi the apologetic apostrophe.

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