Charlton Athletic F.C.

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Charlton Athletic
Fou name Charlton Athletic Football Club
Elk-name(s) Addicks, Red Robins, The Valiants, Red Army, Toffee Apple Sellers
Foondit 1905
Grund The Valley
(capacity: 27,111)
Awner Roland Duchâtelet
Chairman Richard Murray
Manager Bob Peeters
League The Championship
2013–14 The Championship, 18th
Wabsteid Club hame page
Home colours
Away colours
Current season

Charlton Athletic Football Club (elk-namit The Addicks) is a profeesional association fitbaa club based in Charlton, in the Royal Borough of Greenwich, Ingland. The club wis foondit on 9 Juin 1905, when a nummer o youth clubs in the sootheast Lunnon aurie, includin East Street Mission an Blundell Mission, combined tae form Charlton Athletic Football Club.

The club is based at The Valley, Charlton, where it haes played syne 1919, apart frae ane year in Catford, durin 1923–24, an seiven years at Crystal Palace an West Ham United atween 1985 an 1992. Syne then they've returned tae The Valley.

Charlton turned professional in 1920 an first entered the Fitbaa League in 1921. Syne then, they hae haed fower separate periods in the top flight o Inglis fitbaa: atween 1936 an 1957; 1986 an 1990; 1998 an 1999, an 2000 tae 2007. Heestorically, Charlton's maist successful period wis the 1930s, when the club's highest league finishes wur recordit, includin runners-up o the league in 1937, an efter Warld War II, when the club reached the FA Cup final twice, winnin in 1947. Efter being relegated frae the Championship in 2008–09, they play in Fitbaa League One as o the 2010-11 saison.

Honours[eedit | eedit soorce]

Competition Achievement Year
FA Cup Winners 1947
FA Cup Finalists 1946
Fitbaa League Champions 2000
Division Ane Play-Off Champions 1998
Division Twa Runners-Up 1936
Division Twa Runners-Up 1986
Division Three Sooth Champions 1929
Division Three Sooth Champions 1935
Division Three Promoted 1975
Division Three Promoted 1981
Full Members Cup Finalists 1987
War Cup Champions (shared) 1944