Cedrus libani

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Cedrus libani
Cedars o God, (Bsharri)
Scientific classification edit
Kinrick: Plantae
Diveesion: Pinophyta
Cless: Pinopsida
Order: Pinales
Faimily: Pinaceae
Genus: Cedrus
Species: C. libani
Binomial name
Cedrus libani
Cedrus libani range.svg
Distribution map

Several, includin:

  • Cedrus elegans Knight[2]

Cedrus libani is a species o cedar hamelt tae the muntains o the Mediterranean region.[3][4][5]

Thare are twa distinct types o Cedrus libani that are considered tae be different subspecies or varieties:

  • Lebanon cedar or Cedar o Lebanon (Cedrus libani subsp. libani or var. libani) - grows in Lebanon, Palestine, Israel, northwast Jordan, wastren Sirie, an sooth central Turkey.
  • Turkish cedar or Taurus cedar (Cedrus libani subsp. stenocoma or var. stenocoma) - grows in soothwast Turkey.

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