Caroline o Ansbach

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Caroline o Ansbach
Portrait bi Jacopo Amigoni, pentit in 1735
Queen consort o Great Breetain an Ireland
Electress consort o Hanover
Tenur11 Juin 1727 – 20 November 1737
Coronation11 October 1727[1]
Born1 Mairch 1683(1683-03-01)
Ansbach, Haly Roman Empire
Dee'd20 November 1737(1737-11-20) (aged 54)
St. James's Palace, Lunnon, Great Breetain
Buirial17 December 1737
Wastmeenster Aibey, Lunnon
SpouseGeorge II o Great Breetain
(m. 1705)
IssueFrederick, Prince o Wales
Anne, Princess Ryal an Princess o Orange
Princess Amelia
Princess Caroline
Prince George William
Prince William, Duke o Cumberland
Mary, Landgravine o Hesse-Kassel
Louise, Queen o Denmark an Norawa
Full name
Wilhelmina Charlotte Caroline
German: Wilhelmine Charlotte Karoline
FaitherJohn Frederick, Margrave o Brandenburg-Ansbach
MitherPrincess Eleonore Erdmuthe o Saxe-Eisenach

Wilhelmina Charlotte Caroline o Brandenburg-Ansbach (1 Mairch 1683 – 20 November 1737[1]), commonly kent as Caroline o Ansbach, wis Queen o Great Breetain as the wife o Keeng George II.

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  1. a b Ower the coorse o Caroline's life, twa calendars war uised: the Auld Style Julian calendar an the New Style Gregorian calendar. Hanover switched frae the Julian tae the Gregorian calendar on 19 Februar (Auld Style) / 1 Mairch (New Style) 1700. Great Breetain switched on 3/14 September 1752, efter Caroline's daith. Unless itherwise indicatit, dates afore September 1752 are Auld Style. Aw dates efter September 1752 are New Style. Aw years are assumed tae stairt frae 1 Januar an nae 25 Mairch, which wis the Inglis New Year.