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Care Bears

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The Care Bears is a sucessfu playock franchise frae the 1980s. Mair nor fowerty million o thir stappit teddy beirs, makkit in a wheen sindry colours, wis selt frae 1983 tae 1987. Ilka beir haes a name, a job, an a seembol tied tae it. For ensaumple, "Bedtime Bear" helps fowk sleep, an haes a crescent blue muin on his kyte.

The playocks begoud life as chairacters on cairts in 1981; the oreeginal airtwark wis duin bi Elena Kucharik. Sin syne, ither playocks, the Care Bear Cuisins, wis introduced.

Thay kythed in three ainimatit films for the cinema in the mid-1980s an aw. A relatit TV series frae DIC an, efter, Canadae's Nelvana Limitit cam oot at awmaist that same time.

Newlins, Care Bear playocks haes been brocht back in a new edeetion for the 21st century. As pairt o this retour, the Beirs haes kythed in thair first twa DVD films (baith computer-ainimatit), an a puckle video gemmes an aw.

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