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Cairdiff's airt in Wales

Cairdiff (Inglis: Cardiff, Welsh: Caerdydd) is the caipital an lairgest ceety o Wales, an the kintra's commercial centre. Gaun by the 2001 Census data, Cairdiff wis the 14t lairgest settlement in the Unitit Kinrick,[1] and the 21st lairgest urban area.[2] Houaniver recent local govrenment estimates pit the nummer o indwallers o the unitary authority as 317,500.[3] The ceety o Cairdiff is the coonty toun o the historic coonty o Glamorgan (an later Sooth Glamorgan). Cairdiff is pairt o the Euroceeties netwark o the lairgest European ceeties[4]. Cairdiff Urban Area kivers a bittie mair grund, includin Dinas Powys, Penarth an Radyr.

Cairdiff is the hame o the Naitional Assembly for Wales in Cairdiff Bay an muckle o the media in Wales. Doctor Who an Torchwood alang wi ither telly series is filmed maistly athin the Ceety an Coonty o Cairdiff. It haes the biggest media sector in the UK ootwi Lunnon, bein hame tae a nummer o telly studios an radio stations.[5]

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Coordinates: 51°29′N 3°11′W / 51.483°N 3.183°W / 51.483; -3.183