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Sir Thomas Moore
Tom Moore (soldier).jpg
Breetish Airmy photo, circa 1940
BornThomas Moore
30 Apryle 1920(1920-04-30)
Keighley, West Riding of Yorkshire, Ingland
Dee'd2 Februar 2021(2021-02-02) (aged 100)
  • Airmy officer
  • Managin director
Kent for
Hauf-marrae(s)Pamela Moore (m. 1968; d. 2006)
Militar career
Allegiance Unitit Kinrick
Service/branch Breetish Airmy
Years o service1939–1946
Tom's Walk for the NHS (JustGiving)

Sir Thomas Moore (30 Aprile 1920 – 2 Februar 2021), informally cried Captain Tom, was an umwhile Breetish Airmy officer kent for his philanthropic werk. Moore wis in Indie an the Burma campaign durin the Seicont Warld War. He later became an instructor in airmoured warfare.

Efter the war, he haed thrift as managin director o a concrete company an wis a motorcycle racer. He wis born in Keighley, West Riding of Yorkshire.[1][2]

On 6 Apryle 2020, at the age o 99, he began tae walk aroond his gairden tae raise siller for NHS Charities Together durin the COVID-19 pandemic, wi the goal o raisin £1,000 bi his hundert birthday. Bi 27 Aprile he haed raised ower £29 million.

He co-recordit a kiver version o the sang "You'll Never Walk Alone", which topped the UK muisic chairts an made him the auldest body in history tae hae a nummer ane single.[3]

On 6 Julie 2020 he wis knichtit bi Queen Elizabeth II.[4]

This Ryal Mail postmark in honour o Moore wis uised on his hundert birthday, 30 Aprile 2020

In Januar 2021 he wis hospitalised wi COVID-19. He deed on 2 Februar at the age o 100 year.

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