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Canadian dollar

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Canadian dollar
Canadian dollar (Inglis)
dollar canadien (French)
ISO 4217
 1/100Cent (in Inglis) an sou (colloquial) (in French)
Seembol$ or Can$ or C$ or CAD
Cent (in Inglis) an sou (colloquial) (in French)¢
Eik-nameLoonie, buck (in Inglis)
Huard, piastre (pronoonced piasse in popular uisage) (in French)
 Freq. uised$5, $10, $20, $50
 Rarely uised$100
 Freq. uised, 10¢, 25¢, $1, $2
 Rarely uised50¢
Offeecial uiser(s) Canadae
Unoffeecial uiser(s) Saunt Pierre an Miquelon
Central bankBank o Canadae
PrenterCanadian Bank Note Company
MintRoyal Canadian Mint
Inflation1.06% (2015)
 SoorceStatistics Canada, 2012.

The Canadian dollar (seembol: $; code: CAD) (French: Dollar canadien) is the siller o Canadae. It is abbreviatit wi the dollar sign $, or sometimes Can$[1] or C$ to distinguish it frae ither dollar-denominatit sillers.[2] It is dividit intae 100 cents.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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  2. There are various common abbreviations tae distinguish the Canadian dollar frae others: while the ISO siller code CAD (a three-chairacter code wioot monetary seembols) is common, no single seestem is universally acceptit. C$ is commonly uised (awtho discooraged bi The Canadian Style guide) an is uised bi the Internaitional Monetary Fund, while Editing Canadian English an The Canadian Style guide indicate Can$, wi Editing Canadian English an aa indicatin CDN$; both style guides note the ISO scheme/code. The abbreviation CA$ is an aa uised such as in some saftware packages.

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