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Industrie Automotive
Foondit (1899 as Buick Auto-Vim an Power Company)
Mey 19, 1903
Foonder David Dunbar Buick
Heidquarters Detroit, Michigan, U.S.
Products Automobiles
Awner General Motors
Wabsteid buick.com
1937 Buick 4-Door Convertible. Captured at Utstein, Norawa, August 1, 2009

Buick (pronounced /ˈbjuːɨk/ (deprecatit template)) is a division o General Motors which sells vehicles in the Unitit States, Canadae, Mexico, Cheenae, Taiwan, an Israel bi General Motors (GM). It is GM's North American-based entry-level luxury brand. Buick haulds the distinction as the auldest American mak.