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A View o Budaiya Beach

Al Budaiya (Arabic: البديع‎) is a coastal toun locatit in the northwastren region o Bahrain Island, in the Northren Governorate o the Kinrick o Bahrain. It neighbors the veelages o Diraz an Bani Jamra.

Geography[eedit | eedit soorce]

Budaiya is the maist fertile aurie in the kintra, irrigatit frae a lairge concentration o freshwater springs an aquifers. It is the location o maist ferms, stables, an traditional gulf faimily ferms/retreats nakhal. The toun serves as ane end-pynt o the Budaiya Road, which runs tae Manama. The regions on aither side o road are colloquially referred tae as Budaiya.

The biggest problem the Budaiya Road region is facin is deforestation due tae a waves o construction, an the seepin o sea watter intae naitural unnergrund aquifers as a result o the pre-construction biggin process o the Mina Salman seaport in the 1950s. Budaiya Road is still remembered as ane o the anerlie "naturally shadit" pairts o Bahrain whaur thoosans o wild palm trees actit as filters frae the het, glarin desert sun. Maist o the trees wur cut doun tae expand the route an 'modrenize' the aurie.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

The toun wis foondit bi the Dawasir tribe, but maist o the tribe left en masse tae mainland Saudi Arabie in 1923, efter a conflict wi the Breetish colonial authorities. Mony Dawasir tribe members later returned tae Budaiya, an thay continue tae play a leadin role in the veelage the day. Prior tae the discovery o oil in Bahrain, maist Budaiya residents wur involved in the pearl divin an fishin industry.

The day the Budaiya Road region hooses European an American expatriates livin in the kinrick an haes few a places that serve as a niche tae the youth Bahraini subculturs (Goth, skater/punk, etc.) This is mainly due tae the central location o the Skate Shack pairk.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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