Brendan Byrne

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Brendan Byrne
Brendan Byrne 2011.jpg
Byrne in 2011
47t Govrenor o New Jersey
In office
January 15, 1974 – January 19, 1982
Precedit bi William Cahill
Succeedit bi Thomas Kean
Personal details
Born 1 Apryle 1924(1924-04-01)
West Orange, New Jersey, U.S.
Dee'd Januar 4, 2018 (aged 93)
Livingston, New Jersey, U.S.
Poleetical pairty Democratic Party
Spoose(s) Ruthi Zinn (1994–present)
Jean Featherly (1953–1993)
Bairns 7
Alma mater Princeton University
Harvard University

Brendan Thomas Byrne (born 1 Aprile 1924; died 4 Januar 2018) wis an American politician. He is a member of the Democratic Pairty. Byrne servit as the 47th Govrenor o New Jersey frae 15 Januar 1974 to 19 Januar 1982.

Byrne wis born and raisit in West Orange, New Jersey.

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