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Flouer Ceety (previously Flower Town[1])
Location in the Region o Peel, in the Province o Ontario
Location in the Region o Peel, in the Province o Ontario
Coordinates: 43°41′N 79°46′W / 43.683°N 79.767°W / 43.683; -79.767
Kintra Canadae
Province Ontario
RegionPeel Region
Incorporation1853 (veelage)
 1873 (toun)
 1974 (ceety)
 • MayorSusan Fennell
 • Govrenin BodyBrampton City Council
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 • MPs
 • MPPs
 • Laund266.71 km2 (102.98 sq mi)
218 m (715 ft)
 • Total523,911 (Rankit 9t)
 • Density1964.35/km2 (5,087.6/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC−5 (EST)
 • Summer (DST)UTC−4 (EDT)
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Area code(s)905/289

Brampton (/ˈbræmptən/ or /ˈbræmtən/) is the third-lairgest ceety in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) o Ontario, Canadae an the seat o Peel Region. As o the 2011 census, Brampton's population wis 523,911,[4] making it the nint lairgest ceety in Canadae. Wi the median age at 33.7, it is the youngest commonty in the GTA. Brampton haes the lairgest concentration o Sooth Asies in Canadae, makkin up 31.7% o Brampton's population.[5]

Brampton wis incorporatit as a veelage in 1853, takkin its name frae the rural toun o Brampton, in Cumbria, Ingland. Brampton wis ance kent as The Flouer Toun o Canadae, a title it earned due tae the ceety's lairge greenhoose industry. This included Dale's Flowers, a company that wan mony internaitional rose awairds for nearly hauf a century. The day, the ceety's major economic sectors include advancit manufacturin, retail admeenistration an logistics, information an communication technologies, fuid an beverage, life sciences an business services.

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