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Republic o Biafra
Unrecognized state



"Peace, Unity, Freedom"
Land o the Risin Sun
Green: Republic o Biafra.
Republic o Biafra in Mey 1967
Caipital Enugu
Leids Inglis (offeecial)
Igbo / Ibo (predominant)
Efik · Annang · Ibibio · Ekoi
Government Republic
Preses C. Odumegwu Ojukwu
Historical era Cauld War
 -  Established 30 Mey 1967
 -  Rejoins Federal Nigerie 15 Januar 1970
 -  1967 77,306 km² (29,848 sq mi)
 -  1967 est. 13,500,000 
     Density 174.6 /km²  (452.3 /sq mi)
Siller Biafran poond
Minahan, James (2002). Encyclopedia of the Stateless Nations: S-Z. Greenwood Publishing Group. p. 762. ISBN 0-313-32384-4. 
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Biafra, offeecially the Republic o Biafra, wis a secessionist state in sooth-eastren Nigerie that existit frae 30 Mey 1967 tae 15 Januar 1970, takin its name frae the Bight o Biafra (the Atlantic bay tae its sooth).[1] The indwallers wur maistly the Igbo fowk who led the secession due tae economic, ethnic, cultural an releegious tensions amang the various fowks o Nigerie. The creation o the new state that wis pushin for recogneetion wis amang the causes o the Nigerie Ceevil War, an aa kent as the Nigerie-Biafran War.

The state wis furmally recognised bi Gabon, Haiti, Côte d'Ivoire, Tanzanie an Zambie. Ither naitions which did nae gie offeecial recognition but which did provide support an assistance tae Biafra includit Israel, Fraunce, Portugal, Rhodesie, Sooth Africae an Vatican Ceety.[2] Biafra an aa received aid frae non-state actors, includin Jynt Kirk Aid, Holy Ghost Faithers o Ireland, Caritas Internaitional, MarkPress an U.S. Catholic Relief Services.[2]

Efter twa-an-a-hauf years o war, durin which a million ceevilians haed died in fichtin an frae faimin, Biafran forces agreed tae a ceasefire wi the Nigerie Federal Militar Govrenment (FMG), an Biafra wis reintegratit intae Nigerie.[3]

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