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Benetice is a veelage in the Czech Republic.

Thare wis a gless factory in Benetice. It daes no exist onymair, but some local names o places are derived frae the pairts o the gless factory as name Na sušírnách or Sklárenský rybník (the name o a pond). Thare is recreation camp in Benetice. It wis uised as pioneer camp (pioneers wur fowk organized in ane group in Czech republic) an it wis uised for young fowk frae Hungary, Poland, an Germany.

A linden-tree grows on veelage green o Benetice. It wis plantit in 1945.

The castle Lipnice can be seen frae Benetice.

Coordinates: 49°41′01″N 15°21′19″E / 49.6836°N 15.3553°E / 49.6836; 15.3553