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Battle o Carham

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Battle o Carham
LocationWatter o Tweid
Result Scots victory
Kinrick o Ingland Kinrick o Scotland Kinrick o Strathclyde
Commanders an leaders
Uhtred, bairn o Waldef Malcolm II o Scotland Owen the Bald

The Battle o Carham (c. 1018) wis focht atween the Kinrick o Scotland an the Northumbrians at Carham on Tweed (Northumberland the nou).

Uhtred, Waltheof o Bamburgh's lad, focht the jynt forces o Malcolm II o Scotland an Owen the Bald (King o Strathclyde). Their jynt forces clyted Earl Uhtred an his men, makin the eastern border o Scotland at the Watter o Tweid.[1]

Notorietie[eedit | eedit soorce]

Whither the battle is historically wirdy o tent is a matter o controversy, maistlins wi regard tae the airt o Lowden. Scots historians claim Lowden wis won for Scotland at Carham an that Scotland's borders were expanded forby; Marjorie O. Anderson says that the Inglis king Edgar the Peacefu gied Lothian tae king Kenneth II o Scotland in 973. In Inglis sources, the Battle o Carham isnae gien ony special notorietie. Still ithers, siclike G.W.S. Barrow hold, that "What English annalists recorded as the 'cession' of Lothian was... the recognition by a powerful but extremely remote south-country king of a long-standing fait accompli."[2]

Scots' haudin o the south-east o Scotland wis kent bi Inglis kings; whan kings siclike Cnut an William the Conqueror invaded, they didnae seek permanent guidal o the airt.

Eftercome[eedit | eedit soorce]

Efter the Battle o Carham, muckle o modren Scotland wis under the guidal o the King o Scots, altho Norsemen aye held sway in Ross, Caithness, Sutherland, an The Isles. The Lairds o Gallowa wis pairt-unthirled. Scotland or Scotia referred tae whit is Scotland north o the Forth an Clyde the day; it wasnae till the time o king David I o Scotland tha fowk in the south-east o the kinrick thocht o themsalves as Scots. In his ain charters (e.g. St Cuthbert's in Embro), he still referred tae the men o Lowden as Inglis. Woolf asserts that "the likelihood is that these are under representative glimpses of a much longer conflict which escaped the detailed gaze of our chroniclers because far more interesting things were happening in Southumbria and Ireland at the time."[3]

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