Baku Stock Exchynge

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Baku Stock Exchynge (BSE)
Bakı Fond Birjası (BFB)
BFB logo yeni.jpg
HeidquartersBaku, Azerbaijan
Established15 Februar 2000; 22 years ago (2000-02-15)
Chairperson o the board o directorsScript error: The function "getValue" does not exist.
SillerAzerbaijani manat

The Baku Stock Exchynge, BSE (Azerbaijani: Bakı Fond Birjası, BFB) is the main stock exchynge o Azerbaijan which is situatit i the caipital ceety Baku. The Baku Stock Exchynge wis establishit i 2000 an it began its operations the same year on 15 Februar wi the first transaction. The stock exchynge is ownit bi its ain members, wha are shareholders. The current heid o the stock exchynge is Emin Aliyev, wha is the chairperson o the buird o directors.

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