Bad Königshofen

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Bad Königshofen im Grabfeld is a sma spa toun in the Rhön-Grabfeld destrict, in the north east o Lawer Franconie, Bavarie, Germany on the Franconian Saale a few kilometers frae the mairch wi Thuringie. Several smawer veelages exist athin the toun leemits:

  • Althausen
  • Aub
  • Eyershausen
  • Gabolshausen
  • Ipthausen
  • Merkershausen
  • Untereßfeld

The toun is twinned wi Arlington, Texas, USA. Bad Königshofen haes a dountoun recreational pairk named "Arlington" in honour o the ceety o Arlington. In 2006, the Ceety o Arlington opened a watter pairk named "Bad Königshofen Family Aquatic Center" in honour o the ceety o Bad Königshofen.[1]

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