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BBC America
Ained biBBC Studios (50.01%)
AMC Networks (49.99%)
HeidquartersNew York City, New York, U.S.

BBC America is the BBC Warldwide awned-an-operatit cable televeesion netwark in the Unitit States. It wis lencht on Mairch 29t, 1998.

Frae the affset, BBC America haes the chice heilichts frae the UK telly netwarks, includin comedy, drama, an lifestyle programmin. Ower an abuin this thare's at least fower hauf-oor BBC World news bulletins includit in ilka 24 oor period. The day, the creetically-acclaimed hielichts o the BBC netwarks airs in primetime slots, while the daytime is gien tae ranes o hame-betterment shaws sic as Changing Rooms.

BBC America is distribute in troke wi Discovery Networks, the faither company o the Discovery Channel, that haundles the affiliate an adverteesin sales an aw. The chainel, unalike the BBC's hamelt netwarks that's paid for throu telly leeshence fees, is fendit alanerly throu adverteesin. Houaniver, the comedy programs rins in ance-eerant-formattit stocks that allous thaim tae rin uneditit (this haes begoud tae chynge).

Aforehaund, BBC America simulcast news bulletins frae BBC Warld wi U.S. adverteesin insertit. Thay nou rin adverteesin-free. Oot throu major breakin news situations, the netwark will whiles tak BBC World's cuiver an pre-empt raiglar programmin. The Lunnon Bombins in Julie 2005 wis ane example o siclike.

BBC America caused some dismay tae some viewers whan it rappit the saip opera EastEnders in October 2003, but it agrufee'd that the shaw wis ane o the chainel's least likit, awthou EastEnders, alang wi ither BBC programmin kythes on PBS chainels. It nou airs rerins o The Office, Keeping Up Appearances, Coupling, Monty Python's Flying Circus, My Hero an Blackadder an aw. It whiles coffs the US braidcast richts tae nane-BBC Breetish programmes, sic as Father Ted, The Avengers, an The Saint. The Canadian comedy Trailer Park Boys airs on BBC America an aw.

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