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Aygun Kazimova

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Aygun Kazimova
BornAygun Alasgar qizi Kazimova
(1971-01-26) 26 Januar 1971 (age 53)
Baku, Azerbaijan
Years active1988-present
Hauf-marrae(s)Rza Guliyev (m. 1994)
Muisical career
  • vocals
  • piano
  • guitar

Aygun Alasgar qizi Kazimova (Azerbaijani: Aygün Kazımova) (born 26 Januar 1971, Baku) is an Azerbaijani sangster, sangwriter, pop muisicker, dancer an actress.

Early life[eedit | eedit soorce]

Aygun wis the youngest o the faimily's fower childer. She revealed her muisical talent at the time she wis a middle schuil student. Alang wi amateur muisic, Kazimova wis passionate aboot handbaw an wis the caiptain o the schuil's female handbaw team. She abandoned sports upon graduatin frae heich schuil an enterin the Maarif Technicum o Airts, frae whaur she droppit oot in 1986. At the time she wirkit wi the Gaya youth baund.[1]

Career[eedit | eedit soorce]

Kazimova's profeesional solo career began in 1988, when she wan the first prize at the Baki payizi-88 (Baku Autumn-88) muisical contest. In 1989 Aygun wan a awaird in the Yurmala muisic contest, an then in 1992 she wan a awaird in the "The voice o Asie" muisic contest, in Republic o Kazakhstan. Aygun released her first album in 1997. The CD Sevgi Gulleri (Flouers o love) conteened 14 tracks an maist o thaim wis written bi famous pop muisic componer Vagif Gerayzade. Till the day she haes released sax albums an the maist successful in sales wis CD Aygun which released in October 2000 an contained multimedia files wi videos an picturs o Aygun. In 2002 she became Honorar Airtist o Azerbaijan.

Some o her maist prestigious awairds include numerous Grand-Prix, Honoured Airtist o Azerbaijan an mony ither muisic awairds. Alang wi singin, she is deeply involvit in charity wirk an aw, giein free an benefit concerts for orphant childer ivery year.

Kazimova tree'd hersel as a actress an aw. In 2005, she played the title role in the muisical Khari Bulbullar directit bi Arif Gaziyev an Sanam in the screen version o the play Meshadi Ibad.

She haes gien concerts ootside Azerbaijan, the maist successful an recent o thaim held in Kremlin Palace, Moscow on 26 Januar 2006. On 20 Juin 2007 Aygun gave a fantastic solo concert at the T. Bakhramov stadium dedicatit tae her 20t anniversar o the pop music career in Azerbaijan.

Aygun Kazimova hostit several TV shows o her awn, housomeivver they wur no vera successful.

She wis preses o the annual Best Model of Azerbaijan contest in 2006–2008.

Aygun Kazimova is ane o the maist prominent airtists in the history o Azerbaijani popular muisic. She is considered the maist successful female sangster in Azerbaijani muisic industry an haes released the lairgest nummer o best-sellin singles in the history o Azerbaijan. She is well kent for her innovative muisic videos an carefully prepared moontit stage performances.

It wis reportit that on 1 November 2012, Kazimova wis issued an Azerbaijani diplomatic passport.[2]

In 2013 Aygun collaboratit wi Snoop Dogg for the sang 'Coffee From Columbia'. It wis released bi Dokuz Sekiz Müzik an includit remixes bi My Digital Enemy & Bimbo Jones.

Private life[eedit | eedit soorce]

In 1989 Aygun Kazimova ran awa wi her lang-time boyfriend Ilgar Ibrahimov an in 1990 gave birth tae dochter Ilgara. Ibrahimov an Kazimova divorcit in 1991. In 1994 she marriet Rza Guliyev (nephew o Azerbaijan's ex-Speaker o the Pairlament an current opposition member Rasul Guliyev), frae whom she haes been virtually separatit syne Guliyev wis taken intae custody in 1996.[1] Beginnin in the late 90s, the Azerbaijani mass media numerously reportit Aygun Kazimova's plans tae get remarriet (pop-sangster Faig Aghayev an Turkis model Mert Kilic amang ithers wur namit her potential spouses). These plans wad later turn oot tae be rumours. In her interview wi Aysel datit Januar 2006, Kazimova said she did not have plans to remarry as legally she wis no divorcit.[3] In 2005–2010, she was in a relationship with meykhana-singer Namig Garachukhurlu.

Albums[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Sevgi gullari (1997)
  • Ey manim dunyam (1999)
  • Aygun (2000)
  • Sevdim (2001)
  • Son soz (2004)
  • Sevarsanmi? (2005)
  • Coffee from Colombia (2013)

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