Autobianchi Y10

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Autobianchi Y10 (1985–1989)
Lancia Y10 (1989–1992)

The Autobianchi Y10 is a city caur manufactured bi the Italian automaker Fiat frae 1985 tae 1996 an marketit unner the Autobianchi brand in Italy an unner the Lancia brand in maist export markets (as Lancia Y10). The caur wis manufactured at the Autobianchi plant in Desio, Milan till 1992 an efter that in Arese, near Alfa Romeo plants. It wis designed on the first-generation Fiat Panda floorpan, shortened bi aboot 10 centimetres (3.9 in) an wi softer suspension settings. It affered a vera hie level o trim for its market segment.

Initially introduced in 1985 unner the Autobianchi brand, uisin the FIRE ingine in 1.0 and 1.1 L guises an Fiat's Brazilian built SOHC 1049 cc ingine ance uised in the Autobianchi A112 Abarth an the Fiat 127's hottest version, this time turbocharged tae produce 85 PS (62.5 kW) in the Y10 Turbo. Eventually, the Autobianchi badge wis dropt in favour o Lancia's except in Italy; a textbook case o badge ingineerin. Alang wi the Autobianchi badge the turbocharged ingine wis dropped an a mair refined, if slower, version topped the range, the 1.3 GT i.e., with 76 PS (56 kW).

It wis pipped tae the European Caur o the Year for 1986 bi the Ford Scorpio.[1]

It sauld rather well, especially tae women, for its unique style, luxurious trim an the continuously variable transmission that equipt certain versions. Its excellent aerodynamics, characterized bi vera clean lines an a Kammback, an aa providit great fuel economy. Sales in the Unitit Kinrick wur no so strang, though it remained on sale till Lancia's wi'drawal frae the Breetish market (an aw ither richt-hand drive markets) in 1994.

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