Austin 7

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1926 Austin 7 Box saloon
1926 Austin 7 Box saloon

The Austin 7 wis a caur produced frae 1922 throu tae 1939 in the Unitit Kinrick bi the Austin Motor Company. Nicknamed the "Baby Austin", it wis ane o the maist popular caurs ever produced for the Breetish mercat, an sauld well abroad. It wiped oot maist ither Breetish smaw caurs an cyclecars o the early 1920s; its effect on the Breetish mercat wis seemilar tae that o the Model T Ford in the USA. It wis an aa licensed an copied bi companies aw ower the warld. The very first BMW caur, the BMW Dixi, wis a licensed Austin 7, as wur the oreeginal American Austins. In Fraunce thay wur made an sauld as Rosengarts. In Japan Nissan an aa uised the 7 design as the basis for thair oreeginal caurs, tho nae unner licence.

Efter Warld War II, mony Austin 7s wur rebuilt as "specials", includin the first Lotus, the Lotus Mk1, which wis based on an Austin 7.

Sic wis the pouer o the Austin 7 name that the company re-uised it for early versions o baith the A30 in 1951 an Mini in 1959.