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BMW 326 sedan
BMW 326 sedan

The Dixi wis the first caur made bi BMW.

Dixi wis caur brand o Eisenach caur factory made frae 1904; houiver, in the difficult climate o the 1920s the company foond it haurd tae sell its 6/24 an 9/40 models. The manufacturer looked tae enter the smaw caur mercat, an in 1927 agreed tae a licensing agreement wi the Austin Motor Company tae big a variant o the Austin 7. A production level o 2000 caurs a year wis agreed upon, an Dixi peyed Austin a royalty on each vehicle produced.

The first 100 caurs wur supplied as kits, but bi December 1927 the first o the offeecial Dixi-manufactured vehicles, the DA-1 3/25PS wur coming off the production line. The DA designation stood for Deutsche Ausführung, meanin German Version; 3/15 indicated the taxation an actual horsepouer ratins. Apart frae bein left-haund drive an uisin metric fasteners, the caur wis nearly identical tae the Austin. Body styles available wur coupé, roadster, tourer, an sedan wi a few chassis going tae external coachbuilders. Maist caurs left the factory as tourers.

Looking tae muive intae automobile manufacturin, BMW bought the Automobilwerk Eisenach in 1928 an, wi it, the rights tae big the Dixi caur. At first the caurs wur badged as BMW Dixi but the Dixi name wis dropped in 1929 when the DA-1 wis replaced bi a slichtly updatit version, the BMW 3/15 DA-2.

  • Dixi DA 1 4 cyl, 15 hp (11 kW), 1927–1929

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