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Arthur Compton

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Arthur Compton
Arthur Compton in 1927
BornArthur Holly Compton
10 September 1892(1892-09-10)
Wooster, Ohio, Unitit States
Dee'd15 Mairch 1962(1962-03-15) (aged 69)
Berkeley, Californie, Unitit States
Alma materCollege of Wooster
Princeton Varsity
Kent forCompton scatterin
Compton wavelenth
Hauf-marrae(s)Betty Charity McCloskey
BairnsArthur Alan
John Joseph
AwairdsNobel Prize for Pheesics (1927)
Matteucci Medal (1930)
Franklin Medal (1940)
Hughes Medal (1940)
Scientific career
InstitutionsWashington Varsity in St. Louis
Varsity o Chicago
Varsity o Minnesota
Doctoral advisorHereward L. Cooke
Doctoral studentsLuis Walter Alvarez
Winston H. Bostick
Robert S. Shankland
Joyce A. Bearden
Wu Youxun

Arthur Holly Compton (September 10, 1892 – Mairch 15, 1962) wis an American pheesicist wha wan the Nobel Prize in Pheesics in 1927 for his 1923 discovery o the Compton effect, which demonstratit the pairticle naitur o electromagnetic radiation. It wis a sensational discovery at the time: the wave naitur o licht haed been well-demonstratit, but the idea that licht had baith wave an pairticle properties wisna easily acceptit. He is an aa kent for his leadership o the Manhattan Project's Metallurgical Laboratory, an served as Chancellor o Washington Varsity in St. Louis frae 1945 tae 1953.