Pairticle pheesics

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Pairticle physics is a branch o physics which studies the naitur o pairticles that are the constituents o whit is uisually referred tae as matter an radiation. In current unnerstaundin, pairticles are excitations o quantum fields an interact follaein thair dynamics. Altho the wird "pairticle" can be uised in reference tae mony objects (e.g. a proton, a gas pairticle, or even hoosehauld dust), the term "pairticle physics" uisually refers tae the study o the fundamental objects o the universe – fields that must be defined in order tae expleen the observed pairticles, an that cannae be defined bi a combination o ither fundamental fields. The current set o fundamental fields an thair dynamics are summarized in a theory cried the Staundart Model, tharefore pairticle physics is lairgely the study o the Staundart Model's pairticle content an its possible extensions.