Apen Scrow Oaffis o Norlin Airlann

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The Apen Scrow Oaffis o Norlin Airlann (appearently Ulster Scots for the Public Record Office o Northren Ireland, or PRONI) is seetuate in Belfast, Northren Ireland. It is an executive agency o the Depairtment o Cultur, Airts an Leisur (DCAL).

The Public Record Office o Northren Ireland is hailly different frae ither archival institutions in the Unitit Kinrick by its lane combination o private an offeecial records an registers. The Record Office isna the Northren Ireland equeevalent or eemitation o ony Great Breetain or Republic o Ireland archival institution.

It brings thegither the functions an responsibeelities o a reenge o institutions: it is at the ae time Public Record Office, Manuscripts Depairtment o a National Librar, Coonty Record Office for the sax coonties o Northren Ireland, an hauder o a lairge reenge o private records. This reenge o remit, cleekin, amang ithers, central an local govrenment, the kirks an the private sector, is lane tae Northren Ireland.