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Anne Veski

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Anne Veski
Anne Veski in 2011.
Background information
Born (1956-02-27) 27 Februar 1956 (age 68)
Rapla, Estonie
Years active1978–present

Anne Veski (born Anne Vaarmann; 27 Februar 1956) is an Estonie pop sangster who haes recordit muisic in her native leid as well as Roushie, an Pols. She is Honored airtist o the Estonie SSR (1984).

Biografie[eedit | eedit soorce]

Veski wis born in Rapla, Estonie. She graduatit frae the muisical schuil in the toun, efter which she entered the Tallinn Varsity o Technologie. Upon feenishin her education, she became a profeesional sangster an stairtit wirkin as a soloist wi the ensemble Mobile. Her first notable Estonie leid hit sang wis "Roosiaia kuninganna" ("Queen of the Rose Garden") in 1980. Ither prominent Estonie hits wur "Troopikaöö" ("Tropical Night") in 1979, "Viimane Vaatus" ("Last Act"), in 1983 an "Jääd või ei?" ("Will You Stay or Not?") in 1986.

Haein organisit the ensemble Nemo, Veski began her solo career in 1984. In the same year, she pairticipatit in the Sopot International Song Festival in Poland. In the contest, she receivit First Awairds in twa categories: the Amber Nightingale for the best performance o a Pols sang (wi the entry "Polka Idolka") an the Intervision Song Contest for the sang "Nadezhda gasnet". The Intervision First Prize wis in fact a runner-up position, as the winner Krystyna Giżowska receivit the Grand Prix.[1] In 1986, Veski appeared in the sang festival "Song of the Year" on Soviet televeesion for the first time.

Popular Roushie leid sangs in her repertoire include "Vozmi menya s soboy" ("Take Me With You"; 1983),[2] "Milyy, goryacho lyubimyy" ("My Darling Beloved One"; 1994) an "Radovat'cya zhyzni" ("Enjoy Life"; 2001).

In 1987, Veski performit in the Estonie rockumentar Pingul keel (Tightened String) wi ither such notable Estonie sangsters an muisickers as Urmas Alender, Ivo Linna an Tõnis Mägi.[3]

In the beginnin o the 1990s, Veski an V. Dovganiy organisit a collection o fur clothin for sale in Tallinn an Moscow.

Faimily[eedit | eedit soorce]

Veski is marriet tae her seicont husband, Benno Beltšikov, who is her manager an aw.[4] Veski wis previously marriet tae Jaak Veski (1956–1994) frae 1977 tae 1981 wi whom she haes a dochter, Kerli. Kerli is a diplomat an haes wirkit at the Estonie Consulate in Moscow. Veski haes twa grandchilder via Kerli an aw.

Discografie[eedit | eedit soorce]

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