Urmas Alender

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Urmas Alender
Birth nameUrmas Alender
Born22 November 1953(1953-11-22)
Tallinn, Estonie
OreiginTallinn, Estonie
Deid28 September 1994(1994-09-28) (aged 40)
MS Estonia (sunk) Baltic Sea
Progressive rock
Fowk rock
Punk rock
Years active1969-1994
Associate actsShades (1969–1970)
Andromeeda (1971–1974)
Teravik (1973–1976)
Data (1988–1989)
Propeller (1979–1980)
Ruja (1971–1988)
Kaseke (1983)

Urmas Alender (22 November 1953 – 28 September 1994)[1] wis an Estonie sangster an muisicker who is possibly best recawed as the vocalist o such popular Estonie baunds as Ruja an Propeller.

Born in Tallinn, Estonie,[2] Alender began his musical career in the rock band Shades in 1969 but departed the following year to become the vocalist for Andromeeda.[2]

In 1971, Alender frontit the progressive rock baund Ruja wi pianist Rein Rannap. The baund wis influencit bi such Wastren acts as Genesis, Yes, Emerson, Lake & Palmer an King Crimson an aften incorporatit the poetry o Estonie writers Juhan Viiding an Ott Arder intae the leerics.[3] The baund wur ane o the first naitionally commercially successful rock baunds tae perform in their native Estonie leid.[3] Alender wad remain wi the baund till its demise in 1988.

Frae 1979 till 1980, Urmas Alender frontit the Estonie punk rock baund Propeller. Ither baunds Alender performit wi wur Teravik (1973–1976), Data (1988–1989), an in 1983, he briefly played in an ootfit cried Kaseke.

In 1987, Alender appeared in the Estonie rockumentar Pingul keel (Tightened String) alangside such ither popular Estonie muisickers as Tõnis Mägi, Ivo Linna an Anne Veski.[4]

Efter years o bein harassed bi the KGB an Soviet authorities, Alender temporarily emigratit tae Swaden in 1989.[5]

On 28 September 1994, while en route frae Tallinn tae Stockholm, Swaden, Urmas Alender dee'd when his ship, the cruiseferry MS Estonia sank in the Easter Seas. He is survivit bi a dochter, Yoko Alender.[3]

In 2003, Liia Sakkos made a documentar aboot Alender, titled Teisel pool vett (Inglis: On the Other Side of the Water, an aw a title o a sang bi Ruja).

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