Amr Diab

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Amr Diab
Background information
Birth nameAmr Abdel Baset Abdel Aziz Diab
Born (1961-10-11) 11 October 1961 (age 62)
OreiginPort Said, Egyp
GenresArabic pop, dance, fowk dance
ThriftSangster, componer
InstrumentsVocal, Piano
Years active1983–present

Amr Abdel Baset Abdel Aziz Diab (Arabic: عمرو عبد الباسط عبد العزيز دياب‎‎; born 11 October 1961)[1] is an Egyptian sangster an componer o geel muisic an the contemporar face o Egyptian el-geel pop muisic, accordin tae World Music. Diab is the best-sellin Arab recordin airtist o aw time, accordin tae Amr Diab Official website. He wis awairdit the World Music Awaird for Best Selling Middle Eastern Artist three times: 1998 for album "Nour El Ain", 2002 for album "Aktrr Wahed Byhbak 2001" an 2007 for album "El Lillady". Amr Diab wan The African Music Awards 2009, Big Apple Music Awards; Life Achievements Awards: Best Singer of The Year in 2009, an Best Male Act in African Music Awards 2010 an aw.

Amr Diab is ane o the tap sangsters in the Arab warld an considered a livin legend bi mony o his fans in the Arab warld. He is kent as the Faither o Mediterranean Muisic.[2][3][4] He haes creatit his awn style which is aften termit "Mediterranean Muisic" or "Mediterranean Soond", a blend o Wastren an Egyptian rhythms.[5]

In The Mediterranean in Music, David Cooper an Kevin Dawe referred tae his muisic as "the new breed o Mediterranean muisic".[6] Accordin tae author Michael Frishkopf, Amr Diab haes producit a new concept o Mediterranean muisic, especially in his internaitional hit, "Nour El Ain".[5]

In his analysis o The Very Best of Amr Diab album, Victor W. Valdivia o Allmusic said: "His music melded traditional Arabic sounds and textures with Western rhythms and instruments. The mesh was dubbed Mediterranean music, and The Very Best of Amr Diab displays Diab's superb skill in creating it."[7]

Amr Diab is considered the biggest Egyptian pop starn iver an accordin tae the BBC, Diab "haes ruled the Arab muisic warld, especially Egyp an the Middle East, syne the mid '80s, continually breakin sales records".[8]

Muisical career[eedit | eedit soorce]

In 1983, Diab released his first studio album, Ya Tareeq. Diab released three mair albums atween 1984 an 1987. 1988's "Mayaal" garnered huge success aw aroond the Middle East. It wis producit, arrangit an remixed bi German muisickers, Frank Von Dem Bottlenberg, Ziyad Abou Chair an Jörg Evers, wi several releases. Mair success follaeed in the follaein years includin the albums Shawakkna, Matkhafesh, an We Yloumouni.

Amr Diab quickly developit fame for his new style o "Pan-Mediterranean" Arabic muisic, fusin touches o flamenco an raï wi wastren pop wi tradeetional Arabic rhythms. B1992, he became the first Arabic airtist tae stairt makkin heich-tech muisic videos.[5]

"Habibi" frae Diab's 1996 album Nour El Ain became a hit warldwide an wis remixed bi mony o the warld's tap DJs at the time. A special CD namit Habibi: The Remix Album wis released later wi aw o thir remixes. Syne then, Diab haes remained at the tap o the Arabic muisic scene, expandin reach tae aw pairts o the Mediterranean wi his 1999 release, Amarain, that featurt duets wi Algerie's keeng o rai Khaled in a sang cried "Qalbi" an Greece's Angela Dimitriou in "Ana Bahibak Aktar" an "Eleos". "Tamally Maak" frae Diab's 2000 album became a huge success. Leily Nahari, Diab's first album wi Rotana Records, wis released in 2004. His album El Leila De wis released in the simmer o 2007 an toppit the Arabic muisic chairts for 22 weeks. Diab receivit a World Music Awaird for Best Selling Middle Eastern Artist for the album. In 2008, Diab renewed his contract wi Rotana for five mair years. In 2009, Diab released a new album Wayah.

Muisic videos[eedit | eedit soorce]

Diab is ane o the first sangsters tae popularise muisic videos in the Arab warld an the first Egyptian sangster tae appear in muisic videos.[5] Wi the exception o his vera early releases, his albums hae haed at least ane sang shot as a muisic video. Diab haes collaboratit wi a variety o muisic video directors in the Middle East, includin Tarek El-Erian an Sherif Sabri.

The maist anticipatit video clip of 2007, "N'eoul Eih", wis released on 14 August that year on Rotana TV. It wis broadcast minutes later on Egyptian television on El Beit Betak. The video wis a great success.

6 August 2009 witnessed the release o Amr Diab's latest video clip for his smash hit "Wayah". Wirkin alangside Cameron Casey an [Leily Nahari] for a seicont time, Amr Diab presentit a fresh video clip which wis filmit maistly on Green Screen an in Diab's personal villa in Cairo, Egyp. The biggest surprise wis the appearance o Diab's childer alangside his niece, who representit the younger generation o childer who are inspired bi the muisic o Amr Diab.

Diab filmit "Ba2dem Alby" which wis released on Valentine's Day an aw.

El Helm/The Dream[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Dream or El Helm is a biographical TV production produced bi Amr Afefy that gies viewers the story of Amr Diab's life. The show conseests o 12 episodes and began airing on 24 December 2008. El Helm is narrated bi actor Ezzat Abou Ouf and includes interviews wi Diab and fowk he worked wi throughout the span of his career. The show, which aired on Rotana TV, saw great success and wis preceded bi ane o the biggest advertising campaigns in the history of Middle Eastern music.

Film career[eedit | eedit soorce]

Diab's fame in the muisic industrie haes led him tae experiment wi ither forms o media, sic as film. Amr played hissel in his first film, El Afareet, which wis released in 1989. It starred Madiha Kamel an aw. His seicont film Ice Cream in Gleam (Ays Krim fi Glym), in which Diab starred in 1992, wis chosen as ane o the best five Egyptian muisical films bi the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television. The film wis featurt in the UCLA Film an Television Archive's new program "Music on the Nile: Fifty Years of Egyptian Musical Films" at James Brigs Theater, UCLA, 6, 8 an 10 Aprile. David Chute o the Los Angeles Weekly termit it "observant" an "a big leap".[9] His third movie wis released in 1993, an wis namit Deahk We La'ab (Laughter and Fun). The film premiered in the Egyptian Film Festival in 1993. Amr played alangside internaitional Egyptian movie starn Omar Sharif (Lawrence of Arabia, Doctor Zhivago) an Yousra. Oweraw, Diab did no experience the same level o success in film that he haed wi his muisic career. Syne 1993, Diab haes focused on his singin career.

Egyptian Revolution[eedit | eedit soorce]

During the 2011 uprisin, some protesters creeticisit Diab for stayin silent, an for fleein Egyp for Lunnon.[10] Housomeivver, a few days efter umwhile Preses Hosni Mubarak steppit doun, Amr Diab componit an sang a memorial sang, "Masr A'let" (Egyp Said Its Word),[11] an released it in conjunction wi a muisic video showin picturs o the martyrs who dee'd in the uprisin. He initiatit a charity campaign "Masry Begad" ("Real Egyptian") an aw, a social naitional program aimit at servin an rebiggin Egyptian society. His online radio station Diab FM aften presents talks an discussions aboot wha Diab FM team can affer tae the commonty as well as applyin it practically bi bein present in different steids athort Egyp wi a new humanitarian project each week.[12]

Endorsements[eedit | eedit soorce]

Amr Diab haes taken pairt in an internaitionally kent Pepsi commercial featurin fower ither pop muisickers: Beyoncé Knowles, Pink, Jennifer Lopez, an Britney Spears. In the US version, Enrique Iglesias taks the role o Caesar. But in the pan Arab version, the three American sangsters wur retained but the male figur wis replacit wi Diab. This wis no the first Pepsi commercial Diab haes done; he filmit commercials featurin his sangs "Ana Aktar Wahed" (I'm the maist), "Allem Alby" (teach my hert) an "Khad Alby Ma'aa" (She teuk my hert wi her) an aw. Diab appeared in a commercial alangside Jennifer Lopez an aw, singin The Troggs hit "Wild Thing". In 2009 Pepsi decidit no tae renew his contract. In 2010 he wis the starn o "Hayat" bottled watter campaign.

Local record labels[eedit | eedit soorce]

Diab's earliest albums wur released bi Delta Sound. In 1996 Diab muivit tae Alam Al Phan whaur he released his greatest hits. In atween 2003 an 2004, an efter a lang successfu career wi Alam El Phan, Diab offeecially annooncit the termination o his contract wi Mohsen Gaber (awner o Alam El Phan) an muive tae the company that awned bi Prince El Waleed Ebn Talal, Rotana Records.

Internaitional record labels[eedit | eedit soorce]

Ower 18 internaitional companies hae producit studio albums, compilations an exclusive muisic for Amr Diab athort the globe.

  • Ariola - Germany
  • Het Records - Germany
  • EMI Music - Greece
  • EMI Music - Arabie
  • EMI Music - Turkey
  • EMI Music - Canadae [Hemisphere]
  • EMI Music - Europe
  • EMI Music - Internaitional
  • World Music Network - USA
  • George V Records - Fraunce
  • Putumayo World Music - USA
  • Wagram Music - Fraunce
  • Virgin - Internaitional
  • Nascent - UK
  • Milano 2000 - Italy
  • Reverb Music - UK
  • Toast Records - Italy
  • Warner Bros. - Fraunce

Collaboration wi international musicians[eedit | eedit soorce]

Various internaitional muisickers hae collaboratit wi Amr Diab:

  • Stuart Crichton (The foonder o Progressive House)
  • Frank Von Dem Bottlenberg - Germany
  • Jorg Evers - Germany
  • Shazz (Didier Delesalle) - Fraunce
  • Klubbheads (Koen Groeneveld and Addy van der Zwan) - Dutch
  • Phunk Phorce (Leon and Matthew Roberts) - UK
  • Rhythm Masters (Robert Bruce Chetcuti and Steve McGuinness) - UK
  • Pete Beachill - UK
  • Simon Gardner - UK
  • Andy Greenwood - UK
  • Kevan Gallagher - UK
  • Jon Bishop - UK
  • Juan Cerro - Spain
  • Angela Dimitriou - Greece

Amr Diab in movies[eedit | eedit soorce]

Amr Diab's sangs hae appeared in several films, includin:

Further readin[eedit | eedit soorce]

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Discografie[eedit | eedit soorce]

Offeecial Albums
  • 1983: Ya Tareeq (يا طريق - O Road)
  • 1985: Ghanny Men Albak (غنّي من قلبك - Sing Frae Your Hert)
  • 1986: Hala Hala (هلا هلا - Welcome, Welcome)
  • 1987: Khalseen (خالصين - We're Even)
  • 1988: Mayyal (ميّال - In Luve)
  • 1989: Shawaana (شوقنا - Missing You)
  • 1990: Matkhafeesh (متخافيش - Don't Worry)
  • 1991: Habiby (حبيبي - My Luve)
  • 1992: Ayamna (أيامنا - Our Days)
  • 1992: Ice Cream Fi Gleam (أيس كريم في جليم - Ice Cream In Gleam)
  • 1993: Ya Omrena (يا عمرنا - Our Life)
  • 1994: W Ylomoony (و يلوموني - And Thay Blame Me
  • 1994: Zekrayat (ذكريات - Memories)
  • 1995: Ragaeen (راجعين - We'll Be Back)
  • 1996: Nour El-Ain (نور العين - Licht Of The Ee)
  • 1998: Awedoony (عوّدوني - Thay Got Me Uised Tae)
  • 1999: Amarein (قمرين - Twa Moons)
  • 2000: Tamally Maak (تملي معاك - Always Wi You)
  • 2001: Aktar Wahed (أكتر واحد - The Most Ane)
  • 2003: Allem Alby (علم قلبي - Teach My Hert)
  • 2004: Leily Nahary (ليلي نهاري - My Night, My Day)
  • 2005: Kammel Kalamak (كمّل كلامك - Keep Talking)
  • 2007: El Leila De (الليلا دي - This Night)
  • 2009: Wayah (ويّاه - Wi Her)
  • 2010: Aslaha Btefre' (اصلها بتفرق - Because She Makes A Difference)
  • 2011: Banadeek Ta'ala (بناديك تعالى - I'm calling you come )
Unoffeecial Albums
  • 1984* Forsan Asia ( Asia Knights - فرسان آسيا )
  • 1986 Menin Ageeb Nas (Whaur Can I Get Fowk - منين أجيب ناس ) - ( Yanabee' El Nahr TV Series - مسلسل ينابيع النهار )
  • 1986* Ya Helwa ( Sweetie - يا حلوة )
  • 1987 Assef ( Sorry - آسف ) - ( Assef la yogad hal akhar TV Series - مسلسل آسف لا يوجد حل آخر )
  • 1999 The best of Amr diab ( أحلى ما غنى عمرو دياب )
  • 2002 Rewind
  • 2004 Amr Diab Greatest Hits (1986–1995)
  • 2005 Amr Diab Greatest Hits (1996–2003)
  • 2005 Mateftekrish ( Don't Even Think - ماتفتكريش )
  • 2009 Henyet El Donya ( Tenderness of Life - حنية الدنيا )

(*/ unconfirmed Date)

Concerts[eedit | eedit soorce]

Amr Diab haulds mony concerts in the Arab Warld an aroond the warld. Ivery year, ane o his main concerts is held bi the Mediterranean at the exclusive Egyptian resort ceety, Marina El Alamein. In addeetion, he haulds an annual spring concert (The Carnival) at the American University in Cairo. In 2011, he held sax concerts in the USA and 1 concert in Toronto, Canadae.

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