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Alloa from Clackmannan Tower.jpg

Alloa frae Clackmannan Touer wi the Ochil Hills an Wallace Monument in the distance
Allowae is in the sooth o Clackmannanshire in the centre o the Scots mainland.
Allowae is in the sooth o Clackmannanshire in the centre o the Scots mainland.
Location within Clackmannanshire
Area3.52 sq mi (9.1 km2)
Population20,390 [1] (2012 est.)
• Density5,793/sq mi (2,237/km2)
OS grid referenceNS900920
Cooncil aurie
Lieutenancy aurie
Sovereign stateUnitit Kinrick
Post tounALLOA
Postcode destrictFK10
Diallin code01259
EU PairlamentScotland
UK Pairlament
Scots Pairlament
Leet o places
56°06′58″N 3°47′45″W / 56.1161°N 3.7959°W / 56.1161; -3.7959Coordinates: 56°06′58″N 3°47′45″W / 56.1161°N 3.7959°W / 56.1161; -3.7959

Allowae (Inglis: Alloa, Scots Gaelic: Alamhagh, possibly meanin "rock plain") is a toun an umwhile burgh in Clackmannanshire, set in the Central Lawlands o Scotland. It is on the north bank o the Forth at the spot whaur some say it ceases tae be the River Forth an acomes the Firth o Forth.[2] Geografically, Allowae is sooth o the Ochil Hills, 5.5 miles (8.9 km) east o Stirlin an 7.9 miles (12.7 km) north o Fawkirk;[3] bi watter Allowae is 25 miles (40 km) frae Granton.[4]

The toun, umwhile a burgh o barony, is the admeenistrative centre of Clackmannanshire Cooncil. Historically, the economy relied hivily on tred atween Glesga an mainland Europe throu its port.[5] This becam increasingly uncompetitive an the port stappit operatin in 1970. Ony futur marina project is likely tae focus on tourism wi Stirlin or Granton raither nor importin or exportin guids syne dounstream ports lik Grangemooth can accommodate lairger veshels. The local economy is nou centred on retail an leisur syne the closur o major industries; anerly ane brewer an ane glessmakker survive the day. Parochially, Allowae wis airtit wi Tullibody. The touns are now distinct, awbeit wi Lornshill in the middle, an Allowae is aboot twice the size o its north-wastren neeghboor. Accordin tae a 2012 estimate the population o Allowae is approximately 20,390 residents.[1]

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